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May contain: art, collage, clothing, dress, fashion, formal wear, gown, wedding, wedding gown, grass, plant, person, adult, bride, female, and woman
Thunder Island is a small island that was carved out of the mainland in 1890 to build the Cascade Locks and Canal. The island boasts views of the mountain peaks across the river, forested Gorge cliffs, and the famous Bridge of the Gods just down river.
Pricing table with costs for a 4-hour venue rental ($1200 or $1600), a $300 refundable damage deposit, and an optional $75/hour for setup/cleanup.
An event venue pricing table for 4-hour rentals, damage deposit, and optional setup/clean-up service fees.




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May contain: flower, flower arrangement, flower bouquet, plant, clothing, dress, couch, furniture, architecture, building, indoors, living room, room, art, collage, fashion, formal wear, gown, wedding, wedding gown, interior design, face, head, person, photography, portrait, floor, flooring, adult, bride, female, woman, and chair
The Lock Tender house is one of three historic locktender homes within the Marine Park. Constructed in 1905, this house was completely restored in 2010 to provide a unique rental space for private parties and meetings. Guests enjoy the historic photos on the walls inside, almost as much as the views of forested Gorge cliffs and the Columbia River outside.
Rental price chart for peak (Jun-Sep) and non-peak (Oct-May) seasons, listing half-day, full-day rates, and damage deposit.



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May contain: indoors, restaurant, interior design, clothing, dress, formal wear, dining table, furniture, table, cafeteria, lighting, architecture, building, dining room, room, art, collage, fashion, gown, food, meal, person, adult, bride, female, wedding, woman, and suit
The Gorge Pavilion offers panoramic views of the forested Gorge cliffs, Marine Park lawns, Columbia River, and Washington mountain peaks across the river.
A pricing chart for venue rental showing different rates for peak and non-peak seasons. Tables and chairs included, setup/cleanup not.


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May contain: art, collage, grass, plant, nature, outdoors, park, vegetation, land, tree, woodland, scenery, cloud, sky, person, and lawn
A price list showing rental costs for peak (June-Sept) and non-peak (Oct-May) seasons with different rates for weekdays and weekends.
Event Tents
May contain: grass, plant, lawn, tent, canopy, chair, furniture, car, transportation, and vehicle
May contain: chart and plot


A list of rental amenities with prices, including wedding arches and sound equipment.



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